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Review Maybelline BROWdrama Pomade Crayon

Influenster and Maybelline sent me the Eyestudio BROW Drama Pomade Crayon so I could share my thoughts and experience with them. There are many pomades on the market but none shaped like a crayon, like Maybelline's is. This is suppose to be a quick, slide through your brows, comb them and go type of product. It has a soft consistency but will not just melt on you. 

Shades available:
250 Blonde
255 Soft Brown
260 Deep Brown
265 Auburn

I was sent Soft Brown and Deep Brown. I love the way Deep Brown looks on me as it is dark and matches my black hair but doesn't look unnaturally dark. 

Lasting Power
Considering it is an easy application product, it lasts quite long on the brows! I tested it out on a hike and my brows did not budge even though I had sweat running down my forehead. Mind you, I did not set my brows with any other product. 

What do you like?
It is easy to use, creamy, pigmented, and inexpensive. This pomade crayon helps darken and define the brows without looking overly unnatural. It is perfect and QUICK for everyday use.

What do you not like?
Sometimes I over shoot the thickness of my brow and draw "outside the line." Also, the product is a bit too thick to get that thin line at the tail of the brow. 
It is easy to clean with concealer though. I recommend using a brush to extend the tip of the brow.

Would I recommend it?
Absolutely! It is so creamy, pigmented, easy to use, and inexpensive. In saying that I would only suggest this product to those with thicker/full brows. Why? With the design of this product, it is a lot more difficult to draw on fake hairs. Also, there is not a wide range of colors so finding one that would match perfectly may be a little more difficult and may not look as "natural." If you just want to darken your brows a bit or fill in sparse areas, this is a great product.

Where is it sold?
Ultra Beauty $9.99
Walmart 8.05
Target $8.99
Walgreens $9.99
CVS Pharmacy $9.99
& other places

How to use

Brush your brows with a spoolie.
Run the pomade crayon through your brows.
Brush with a spoolie one more time.


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