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DUPED Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow in BH Foiled Shadow Palette?!

Recently I got my hands on the BH Cosmetics Foiled Shadow Palette that comes with 28 foil shadows for only $19.99USD! Once I started swatching these shadows I noticed a lot of them were similar to some of the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows I own. In fact some of the foiled eye shadows in the BH Foiled Shadow Palette are IDENTICAL to some of the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows. I do have to state that no matter how similar the shades of the BH palette are to the MUG shadows, the MUG foiled shadows are much creamier! In fact, some the BH Cosmetic shadows need a bit of help (MAC Fix+) to show off its full potential. Considering the price tag on the BH palette ($19.99USD) as opposed to the Makeup Geek ($10 per foiled shadow), I think it is totally worth purchasing the BH palette! 

A few of the shadows popped off due to not being stuck on well. Even with this mishap, I am still very, very pleased with this palette!


All the eyeshadows in this palette are pigmented! I love the array of colors in this palette. Perfect for any makeup lover to add some shimmer to their eye look or for the color loving gal/guy.

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4

Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow DUPES

Makeup Geek''s Mesmerized compared to this BH shade is definitely not that much alike once swatched. I just wanted to show you this BH shadow is more of dupe for MAC's Blue Brown Pigment.

This BH Foiled Shadow is a lot more like the Makeup Geek Mesmerized shadow. The MUG one has more purple/silver while the BH one is a bit more neutral toned.

Makeup Geek's Houdini and this BH shadow are pretty spot on in regards to color/tones but the MUG one is a bit more creamy. Both are great though!

The Makeup Geek Charmed Foiled Shadow beside this BH one are pretty much identical!

Makeup Geek's Daydreamer also has been perfectly duped in this BH palette!

Makeup Geek Grandstand next to this BH one are QUITE similar. The only difference is that the MUG one is a bit more rose toned but still a very close dupe.

Makeup Geek's Starry Eyed is almost a complete dupe as well. The color in these two are almost the same, the only differing being the MUG shadow is simply a bit more rose toned.

Makeup Geek's Whimsical and this BH shade are almost identical! The MUG one has more rose tones but a very close dupe!

This BH shadow and Makeup Geek's Showtime are quite possibly one of the most spot on colors. You can tell a slight difference in the base on the outside of the shadows but overall it's identical.

Fortune Teller was the one Makeup Geek Foil shadow that is so unique that there was not a dupe for it in the BH Cosmetics Foil Shadow Palette. This was the closest I could find with the BH shadow being much more gold. 

Which Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow is your favorite?

Don't forget to share! <3

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